Smoulder This New Year’s Eve in Versus Versace

Unapologetically brash and unequivocally sexy, the Versus Versace style is often imitated but never rivalled. Since its inception in the 1990’s, the Versus Versace visual has remained constant; the iconic black, white and gold print deemed instantly recognisable as a representation of overt luxury. 

Versus Versace is a masterclass in opulence; fluid silk shirts, defiant mini dresses, plush black leather and acres of gilded hardware make no apologies for the fierce attitude they purvey. Go all out glam with simple shapes emblazoned with the signature Versus Versace belt and chains print, or let the subversive golden accents on your accessories do the shouting by pairing them with an all-black outfit. Forget everything you know about backstage grunge; today’s rock chick is all about the glamour. 

Visit us in store to see the fierce collection from Versus Versace and make sure you smoulder wherever your New Year’s Eve celebrations may take you.