Eton Shirt Ribbons

Eton’s ribbons cover all possible shirt needs, and though different in style, they are each created with the equal level of craftsmanship and vigorous attention to detail. 


Resting at the foundation of Eton’s design philosophy, the Red Ribbon collection is not only impeccably elegant, but also a vessel of unique shirt performance. Eton begin with their fabrics, where they maintain control of every stage in production, from the selection of cotton and spinning to weaving and finishing, with the result being an exclusive and high-performance fabric that stays smooth all day. By wielding best-in-class design and innovative sewing techniques, Eton’s Red Ribbon collection constantly refines and reinvents the modern business shirt.


Eton’s innovative Green Ribbon collection was born to provide fine shirting options for every occasion, with this collection sitting on the line between formal and informal—a space where the gentleman needs high-performance shirts that can be worn casually. Sewn with the same uncompromising quality that permeates their other collections, Green Ribbon combines casual fabrics, garment washing and innovative details to create a collection that is equally appropriate for the unlined suit and a pair of shorts.


Forged from a blend of classic elegance and modern cuts, the Black Ribbon collection is ideal for occasions when a man must look his very best, and the gentleman never looks better than wearing a tuxedo. Perfectly suited for formal events and parties, the Black Ribbon collection comprises traditional white dress and tuxedo shirts in exclusive materials like satin, piqué and plissé. Each season, Eton also release new interpretations of the party, ranging from traditionally correct to stylish with a personal twist.