Break The Boredom Of The Boardroom With Eton Ties

When workwear calls for a sharp suit, it comes down to your tie to do the talking and put some personality across. Eton are the workwear wonders behind made-to-measure shirts with a hidden shot of personality slipped into each collar, so we aren’t in the slightest bit surprised that the brand is also behind some of the most charming ties around. There’s something distinctly tropical and very fun about this flamingo print design; the perfect finishing touch for a grey suit. Do you know a secret science geek or a fan of all things retro? The Eton Robot Print Tie will take you back to the old era of futurism and space travel, whilst brightening a refined suit or shirt and jumper combo. 

Formality doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun. The Eton Black Skull Pointed Bow Tie is subtle enough for even the most formal evening while still retaining a cheeky touch of personality. Pair it with your smartest tux and wait for the double take when people realise it isn’t just another bow tie. 

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