They have served as the status symbol of China’s Terracotta Warriors, mopped the sweat from the necks of the Ancient Romans, and helped Beethoven to snare the love of his life. For little more than a simple slip of fabric, the humble scarf has one hell of a history.

Today, it’s role is neither ceremonial nor cleansing. Instead, the scarf is tasked with meeting two simple briefs. Firstly, and most importantly if it’s your Nan you are talking to, the scarf is there to ward of those winter colds. Where the flu jab and vitamin tablets fail, the scarf flourishes at fighting the autumn chill and the man flu which inevitably accompanies it.   

Secondly, and far more importantly in our eyes, the scarf is an accessory. Scarves are serious business this season and they’re being worn more ways than ever. From slender snaking styles worn with tuxedo jackets, to blanket scarves styled with leather jacket and woollen ones worn with winter coats; we never met a scarf we didn’t like. Wear your scarf long and loose or knot it at the neck for a look befitting of a city-slicker. Tucked in is the new hung out too, so slide your scarf inside the lapels of your jacket or into the neck of your cashmere knit.


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