Our Wolford Event took place last Friday as part of the fourth annual Bawtry Fashion Week, with Wolford’s Area Sales Manager Alison Fraser joining us here at Robinsons to address the legwear dilemmas of an eager list of attendees.

Queries ranged from what colour legwear would see the ladies through the transition into spring (Caramel is the answer) to which denier works best for different occasions (Satin Touch 20 works with countless looks according to Alison). The most popular question of the day was one that most ladies will relate too; how do we solve the age-old issue of needing tights to come up to our chests, in order for them to be long enough in the leg?! Alison explained that Wolford tights are in fact 5cm longer in the back, making them a superior fit in comparison to other brands, before going on to advise one taller lady that she was wearing tights that were too big, recommending that she would still find sufficient leg length if she were to size down.

Wolford’s revolutionary Pure range were particularly popular on the day, their bonded seam and wider, softer comfort waist band having already scooped innovation awards when the Pure 50 style first debuted in November 2014. The lower denier Pure 10 were equally well received when launched in November 2015 and both styles proved incredibly popular with the ladies who attended our event.  

Our lucky event attendees were also treated to a sneak preview of the brand’s forthcoming new ranges, including the Colorado Body, the Filigra Lace Pullover and the seamlessly slimming Tube Waves Skirt.

Visit Robinsons today to address your legwear dilemmas with Wolford.