Are you making your way to the Mediterranean this summer or will you be doing your best to soak up the sun in Dubai? Wherever you are headed in search of warmer weather, what with our British summer lasting all of three days, there are certain things that need to be in your case. Swim shorts are one of them, whether you’re intending on spending any time in the pool or just want to make sure that you are the best-looking bather beside it, and these from POLO Ralph Lauren will prove your sartorial stripes without looking too try hard.

We never met a stripe we didn’t like and the same can be said for the POLO Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts. Blue and white might be nautical, but you needn’t be beside the sea to pull them off; leave the Speedos to the embarrassing dads and prove your fashion know-how with blue and white stripes; a colour-way that has become as much of a neutral as trusty black, white or navy.

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