It sounds like something we ladies would tell the other half to cover up our latest guilty designer handbag purchase, but a recent report did in fact find that some handbags are a better investment than both gold and stocks.

Whilst we all love the way fast fashion can transform our wardrobes and take us into next season, there is something so satisfying about making a style-savvy investment purchase that we know will see us through the years. If you’re planning to purchase your buy now, wear forever handbag, these are the three things to bear in mind before you splash the cash.

Size matters

To get the most from the age-old cost-per-wear equation, opt for a handbag you can use everyday. Our handbags are tasked with carrying everything we need in our busy day-to-day lives, so make sure yours is up to the job and big enough to accommodate the essentials. That said, don’t feel like you have to opt for a tote if you generally tend to get much more wear from your cross-body or shoulder bags.  

Be colour conscious  

An investment handbag transcends the trends, so be careful not to fall in love with the colour of the season, only to find that it matches little in your wardrobe and falls out of favour before the year is out. Similarly, the cream handbag of your dreams is likely to lose its appeal when covered in spaghetti bolognese fingerprints caused by the kids. Subtle, timeless and classic and the buzzwords to bear in mind when choosing a wear-forever investment handbag. Think neutral and if in doubt opt for a black style with a subtle colour splash lining, like the brand new Mulberry Zipped Bayswater, available in store now at Robinsons.

Take care

Take good care of your investment handbag and it will last you a lifetime. The soft cow leather from which Mulberry creates the Zipped Bayswater is designed to wear incredibly well, but you can do your bit to make sure it looks as good in ten years as it does today. Protect leather with Collonil Waterstop Spray before its first use and store in the original dustbag. Our Mulberry specialists here at Robinsons can offer more tips and tricks to keep your big investment looking like new.

Are you ready to make your handbag investment? Visit Robinsons today.