With the new season comes a new designer and we’re thrilled to introduce Sarah Pacini to Robinsons.

Launched over 20 years ago in Belgium, Sarah Pacini has gone on to become an international brand modelled on both style and substance. The designer’s approach to ladies fashion brings together art and design aspects, the belief that fashion is an art form running through each and every contemporary collection from the European designer.

Each Sarah Pacini collection is made in Italy, merging Merino wool, soft cotton and bold leather for a play on textures that breaks up the otherwise clean lines. Colours are muted, the neutral palette of black, beige, off-white, grey, cream and khaki running throughout the new season SS17 lookbook, making for a capsule collection that is chic, sophisticated and, most importantly, easy to wear.

Sarah Pacini’s high-end minimalism is encapsulated in clean cuts and sculptural styles, added interest with careful use of textures such as leather, knits and silken edges. In the words of the designer, Sarah Pacini pieces are created as ‘a way of life, a way of expression’.

The most recent introduction to Robinsons is one of the most modern and contemporary yet, the collection’s simple styles taking on an artistic stance. All pieces in the SS17 Sarah Pacini collection work together immaculately as basics in a very loose sense of the word.

Take your everyday wardrobe to the next level. Shop Sarah Pacini SS17 now, new in store at Robinsons