Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your nearest and dearest open those special gifts, but while Christmas is a time for giving, it’s perfectly acceptable to be selfish when it comes to the January sales. Those little red tags appear as quickly as the man in the red suit disappears back up the chimney and on to the North Pole, marking the point when it is officially acceptable to treat yourself without a hint of guilt now that everyone else is taken care of.


The arrival of sales season is something fashion fans await with baited breath. Your new Mulberry Continental Wallet is full of money set aside exclusively for the sales and the rails in store are groaning beneath the weight of bargains worth writing home about. With a sea of red tags tempting you to indulge your sartorial tendencies, you need to adopt a targeted approach if you are to reap the rewards of the January sales, stocking your wardrobe with must haves and classics rather than last season’s trends. Here is the Robinsons guide to sales shopping, just in time for our very own winter sales.

Indulge in some instant gratification

Most guides to shopping the sales start with a warning about impracticality and honing in on the wardrobe classics. Here at Robinsons however, we believe that the perfect time to tap into the trends for less is when current season pieces are heavily reduced, despite the trend showing no sign of slowing. There is something seriously satisfying about the instant gratification of frivolous, fun buy-now-wear-now pieces that brighten your wardrobe and your mood.

Go undercover to make a wishlist

It is easy to find yourself blinded by the blur of sales tags that take over come the new year but a wishlist will help you to hone in on the pieces you loved at full price, rather than finding yourself distracted by the deals. The items that stole your heart when you were shopping for Christmas gifts, those same pieces you haven’t stopped thinking about ever since, may well make their way on to the sale rail! The secret is to hit the sales early in the morning on the day they begin, otherwise you risk missing out and all your pre-sales scouting will go to waste.

Accessories maketh the outfit for less

If you’re working with a budget, the accessories section should be your first port of call when you are shopping the sales. A beautiful leather Mulberry purse will be used day-in-day-out for years to come, and those designer sunnies will add a sophisticated edge to simple outfits you already have in your wardrobe. Lastly, remember that designer handbag you have had your eye on for months? Well, now is the time to buy it; handbags are a great investment and classic designs by Mulberry, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors won’t date either, creating a cost-per-wear ratio your conscious can be proud of and your wallet won’t baulk at.

Concentrate on your capsule wardrobe

We have spoken heartily about our passion for a well-curated capsule wardrobe, a collection of classic pieces designed to see you through any occasion in style. If your capsule wardrobe could use some work, the sales are the perfect time to fill in the gaps. Contrary to popular belief, sale items aren’t just last season’s must haves; you will be surprised just how many fashion classics appear on the sale rail, so keep your eyes peeled for knits by Armani, figure-flattering jeans from Jacob Cohen, and wear-forever cashmere-blend coats from MaxMara and Ralph Lauren.

Think ahead to the holidays

Swimwear, towels and lighter layers might be the last thing on your mind during the deepest, darkest depths of winter, but you will save a fortune if you think ahead and scoop them up in the January sales. Spring/summer pieces are often included in the winter sales, almost always very heavily discounted too, so think ahead to your holidays and you’ll feel suitably smug when those bikinis and kaftans are back up to peak price again in the shops come spring.

You’ve made a list, checked it twice, decided who is naughty or nice and shopped accordingly. With the Christmas gifting done for another year, it’s time to treat yourself. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to be the first to find out when the Robinsons winter sale starts!