January has been a month of amazing new arrivals at Robinsons and we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our designer brand portfolio. Introducing Max Mara.

In 1951, law graduate Achille Maramotti decided to hang up his wig and gown to pursue the pleasures of haute couture instead. Little did anyone know that the Italian’s first foray into fashion would equate to one of the most iconic luxury brands and one which has stood solid and chic for over sixty years.

Maramotti’s passion was passed down from his great-grandmother, Marina Rinaldi, who had commanded the helm of a luxury fashion house in Reggio Emilia in her younger years. Inspired by his great-grandmother’s sense of style and business acumen, Maramotti set out to become one of the world’s first manufacturers of high-quality women’s clothing, something which was almost unheard of at a time when Italian designers were still exclusively crafting their creations by hand.

With his mission in mind, Maramotti launched the now eponymous Max Mara brand. Max Mara Fall/Winter 1957 was the very first collection, comprising just two pieces; a camel coat and a geranium red suit. The French influenced designs were ultimately essentials, simple in style yet manufactured with the signature Italian craftsmanship the world had by that time come to expect. The collection was an immediate hit and Max Mara’s reputation was born.

By the 1960s, Max Mara had moved to headquarters in via Fratelli Cervi, Reggio Emilia, the same place thst Maramotti’s great-grandmother had plied her trade all those years ago. The sixties also saw larger collections. Max Mara was one of the very first designers to debut the sportsluxe trend that has become part of our everyday wardrobes, when Maramotti incorporated sportswear and suits alongside the double-breasted coats of the Max Mara Fall/Winter 1960 collection.

In 1970, Max Mara launched urban concept line, Sportmax. The diffusion line was aimed at a younger clientele seeking a more modern take on the designer’s classic, high-quality styles. The 80s were one of the most important years in Max Mara’s history, seeing the launch of what has become the most iconic style ever created by the designer, double-breasted coat model ‘101801’. Whilst its name was far from catchy, the mixed cashmere wool coat caught the attention of the fashion world and became a permanent fixture in all collections from that point onwards. The style has since been worn by everyone from Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr, to Lupita Nyong and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Today, Max Mara remains synonymous with classic Italian style. As effortless now as it was on the day it launched more than 60 years ago, the label is one of few to appeal to all ages. Whether your wardrobe inspirations come courtesy of Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid or Meryl Streep, Max Mara’s well-cut pieces are the building blocks of a great outfit.

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