The Greek heritage and mythology was one of Gianni Versace’s greatest inspirations, with the iconic designer going so far as to adopt the mythical figure of Medusa as the central image around which he would eventually build the symbolic Versace logo. Greek art influenced Gianni Versace heavily, along with his own Greek upbringing, and the mysterious nature of the Greek legends came to represent the mystery and intrigue of the now iconic brand.

Like the Medusa icon, the Greek ‘key’ design has also become intrinsically linked with the Versace brand and the motif makes up the basis of the designer’s ethereal SS17 collection. Greek societies were said to believe that the correct wardrobe could bring you closer to god. Whether this is accurate or little more than an elaborate excuse once used to justify a particularly extravagant shopping spree remains to be seen, but it’s a theory we can get on board with if it means we can indulge in Versace’s delicate new season styles. There’s an otherworldly appeal to the collection’s fleur de lys and Greek key printed chiffon designs, all of which have got us counting down the days to summer.

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