There’s a definite French connection when we think about the classic collarless tweed jacket, but the history of the world’s obsession with the style actually began much closer to home. It was in 1924 that the imitable Coco Chanel enlisted the help of a Scottish factory to put a new, more feminine spin on Scotland’s signature heritage tweed. Like so many trends crafted by the imagination of the fashion’s First Lady, the bespoke fabric which resulted from the unconventional partnership became an instant hit, heralded by the couturiers and eventually sewn into a jacket which would become an iconic piece coveted by the likes of Jackie Onassis.

Coco Chanel set out to create the boxy, collarless tweed jacket in a bid to counteract the overtly glamorous cuts of the 1950s, all full skirts and cinched waists. The result was contemporary, with clean lines and a classic cut, yet still every bit as elegant as we would expect from the designer.

The tweed jacket remains the easiest way to convey a polished, prim appeal today. It’s a style loved by our modern-day supermodels and Old Hollywood heiresses alike, adding an upscale edge to the simplest outfits. And of course, it is a non-negotiable in the wardrobes of France’s most fashionable females, such as Vanessa Paradis and Clémence Poésy. If you’re still searching for yours, we recommend this monochrome pocketed style by ESCADA. If you’re planning how you’ll wear it, here are three ways to get you started.


Contrary to popular belief, the French capability to look chic yet effortless isn’t entirely unobtainable for us mere mortals. All it takes is a little nonchalance. The French style school encourages a laissez-faire attitude towards getting dressed and nothing says classy but contemporary quite like the combination of a tweed collarless jacket worn with denim. This season’s raw hem and loose fit denim counteracts the formality of the ESCADA SPORT Bahlia Jacket, creating that effortless contradiction that works so well for our continental counterparts. Olivia Palermo has made the off-duty look her own, adding loafers for a Park Avenue princess appeal, but classic pointed pumps were made for this look.


When wedding season comes-a-knocking, the collarless tweed jacket will rise to the occasion, literally. Summer is still a speck on the horizon and spring weddings are at the mercy of our unpredictable weather, which is where the tweed jacket comes into its own. The aforementioned Jackie Onassis was famous for her love of the simple brocade shift dress, worn with a collarless tweed jacket and those big, black sunglasses. It is a glamorous vintage combination that remains one of our favourite big day looks.


Take super-chic French style to the boardroom when you wear the ESCADA SPORT Bahlia Jacket with a pair of beautifully cut black trousers. A shorter leg length is the key to keeping the look modern, with the best cut at the ankle bone. Monochrome tweed and sleek separates do something we all want from our workwear, which is to merge the fine line between smart and stylish. Add black heeled pumps and a white silk blouse for a look that shows you’re ready to take on the world this Monday morning.

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