Some of us live and die for all black everything. Others are loud and proud, racking up the rainbow hues and embracing big, bold prints. Whichever camp you fall into, the thought of easier mornings and more coordinated outfits is equally as appealing.

An edited wardrobe of neutrals might not sound like much fun, but the benefits of a wardrobe filled with individual pieces that are guaranteed to work together make has endless benefits. Whether you are keen to create a more streamlined wardrobe for your working week or feel like something is missing when it comes to cementing your own personal style, an all-neutral wardrobe may well be the answer. Here are three reasons why…

It saves time

A survey by the Telegraph found that, over the course of her lifetime, the average woman spends almost a year deciding what to wear. That’s a rather large chunk of time that we would quite like to get back! Curating a wardrobe of neutrals takes the hard work out of getting dressed. Firstly, everything matches. Secondly, neutral classics create a look that is neither overdressed nor underdressed. They’re just right, taking away those “is it too much?” moments of self-doubt that see us changing outfits three or four times before we eventually make it out the door in our old faithful favourites.

It’s cost-effective

Statement pieces set you apart from the crowd but the downside is that they tend to stick in the mind far more than neutral looks. Less recognisable pieces can be worn time and time again, with people more likely to comment on how well put-together you look, rather than how often you wear that same dress.

It lets your accessories do the talking

A neutral colour palette lets this season’s bright accessories take centre stage. Sarah Pacini’s head-to-toe soft grey looks are the perfect contrast against raspberry red or soft nude accessories. Think of your neutral outfits as a blank canvas, using the accessories of the season to keep your look current.  

Let Robinsons create your perfect neutral capsule collection. Visit us in store today to shop new season Sarah Pacini pieces that kick colour to the curb.