When it comes to smartening up your looks for those weddings and race meetings, it is those small details that have the potential to transform you into a modern-day dandy. Shoes, ties, pocket squares; they all play their own part in getting suited and booted for the big day in question. Care to look even closer still? Looks at the cuffs for the key to smart looks that could be good but are great instead.

They may be miniscule but the right cufflinks can pack a big punch if you get them right. Often an afterthought, they’re the accessory you need more than you probably ever realised. After all, what else measures less than an inch yet has the ability to prove that a man has his game in hand and understands that it’s the little things that count in those all-important sartorial situations? You need good cufflinks more than you think and classic cufflinks styles by Penrose need no introduction as your first fore into formal finesse.


Founded in Soho in 2008, Penrose London quickly built a reputation as the guys in the know when it comes to exquisitely crafted accessories. Their heritage aesthetic remains the key to classic cufflinks that add a little extra class to everything in your wardrobe, from your smartest tuxedos to your everyday work wear.

And finally, some words of inspiration about dressing well right down to your accessories from Penrose London founder Mitchell Jacobs: “Accessories are all about the art of intelligent dressing. All a man needs is a navy-blue suit and a dozen ties. With those you can change your mood every single day.”

Follow the wise words of Jacobs and shop classic Penrose London cufflinks in store now at Robinsons.