Our sense of smell has the ability to take us back to some of our favourite moments. From the smell of essential oils that trigger memories of a day at the spa with friends, to a whiff of the perfume you wore on your wedding day or the scent of coconut that takes you back to long nights on warm, foreign shores; scent has a way of reminding us of life’s best memories. If that scent is created by something 100% pure and natural, then that is the icing on the cake.

AromaWorks is brand new in store here at Robinsons of Bawtry and we are thrilled to be working with such an ethical company. Founder Jane Hibbert has been experimenting with essential oils since her teens, when she would save her pocket money to fund her passion for all things pure. This love eventually led to the creation of AromaWorks Pure Aromatherapy Home Fragrance products and we are thrilled to have become stockists of a range which includes reed diffusers, candles, bath bombs and oil, body products and more.

The sophisticated range is equally appealing to mind, body, soul and the environment. Crafted from 100% natural pure essential oils, free from synthetic chemicals, not tested on animals, safe for the environment and your home, ethically sourced and produced locally in the UK; the range is entirely guilt free.

Run a bath and soak up the calming Lemongrass and Neroli scent of ‘Serenity’ or settle down with a glass of red and the warming fragrance of ‘Inspire’, which combines spicy Black Pepper with sweet Juniper Berry and Warm Caramel. ‘Soulful’ meanwhile combines fruity May Tang, fresh comforting Roman Camomile and sensuous Sandalwood, to create a sensual scent that is perfect for cosy nights in.

Having gathered a loyal following in some of the UK’s most exclusive spas, the AromaWorks range is now bringing bliss to homes and you can see (or rather smell) the exclusive collection in store now at Robinsons.