Hot on the heels of our recent Jacob Cohen collaboration, we’re thrilled to announce that Robinsons of Bawtry has partnered with the maestro of men’s footwear, Jeffery West, to create two exclusive styles.


The Amityville Lizard Derby and the Flash Lizard Derby are available exclusively at Robinsons. The rare, limited edition shoes take everything we love about Jeffery West footwear and combine it in a look that isn’t afraid to make an impact and update an outfit instantly. Unapologetically ostentatious, bursting with character, and subtly coloured in classic hues, these exclusive Jeffery West designs are the style statements that you won’t find anywhere else. The dandy of designer footwear never fails to impress, his fashion conscious fans sure to appreciate the exclusivity of a collaboration between the region’s leading designer boutique and the nation’s most celebrated shoemaker.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make strides into 2018 in the most exclusive footwear collaboration of the year. A limited number of pairs of Jeffery West x Robinsons designs are available at our Bawtry boutique for a limited time only. Visit us today at 2 South Parade, Bawtry, Doncaster, DN10 6JH and be one of the first to sport the special edition Jeffery West style.  


Where’s the harm is enjoying a little opulence? The dastardly gents of yesteryear didn’t hold back in matters of sartorial extravagance, a cravat here and a polished cane there. We can’t help but share shoe maestro Jeffery West’s penchant for drama and we’re feeling the animal attraction to his Amityville shoes. Indulgent, extravagant and over the top in ways we just can’t get enough of, these iridescent lizard leather shoes have all the hallmarks of an accessory hero.


Despite their lavish good looks, the craftsmanship behind the Jeffery West Amityville shoe is as classic as it comes and we wouldn’t expect any less from the brand behind our shoe addiction. Goodyear welted, with a sharp and sophisticated two-hole lace up, this is a classic Derby shoe with added attitude. They’re certainly not the shy and retiring type, but no good story ever started with a bad shoe.


Shop new season styles by footwear extraordinaire Jeffery West in store now at Robinsons. We’re the leading Jeffery West stockist in the Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire region, open 7 days a week and with free parking right outside our Bawtry boutique.



Though the seasons and trends may change, our need for great footwear stays the same, which is why it’s all the more important to choose wisely when it comes to your dancing shoes.

These new season styles may be making their debut for AW17 but the craftsmanship behind Jeffery West earned the designer a reputation to be reckoned with years ago. Visit Robinsons today and invest in the very best when it comes to fancy footwear; your feet and your wardrobe will thank you for it. 



Aristocrats and men of influence. Rogues and dandies. Rock stars and rebels. Hell raisers and heroes. Famous and infamous, wild and wicked. Gary Oldman and Keith Richards, Michael Caine and Jim Morrison. These are the inspirations behind Jeffery-West’s imitable sense of style.

Flamboyant fellas with a penchant for fine footwear will already know the Jeffery-West name but there’s more to the menswear maestro than just seriously good shoes. Great style never goes out of fashion and as the brand celebrates its 30th year, they do so with the launch of new season tees emblazoned with the cheeky signature style statements we’ve come to expect from two designers that live life close to the cuff.

With slogans like ‘decadence, sleaze and excess’ and risqué imagery taken from Jeffery-West’s past campaigns, the new t-shirts for AW17 are anything but basic.

Take a walk on the wild side and become one of Jeffery-West’s ‘Disciples of Decadence’. Shop the new season styles in store now at Robinsons.