Designer Business Clothing

Whether you need to make a great first impression for an interview or if your looking for a selection of quality classics to see you through the working week, Robinsons stock a range of business attire that offers fantastic value for money by being of the highest quality.

At the heart of a business mans wardrobe is the shirt, worn with jeans for a dressed down casual look, under a jacket for smarter look or with a suit, a man can wear a shirt in many ways so it is essential that he buys the best possible quality and takes good care of them to make them last for many years to come.

As with all things in life you get what you pay for, buy cheap and you’ll get cheap, buy quality business clothing and you’ll get garments that last far beyond that of lesser products.

Our most popular shirt brand is Eton, based in Sweden they are seen as one of the most innovative and forward thinking shirting brands in operation today. Family owned with a world wide following, sold in the worlds most prestigious stores an Eton shirt is a truly great investment.

Teamed with our fine collection of shirts is a range of over 250 quality silk ties to suit all occasions and personalities, from plain and understated to bright and bold patterns. We carry a mixture of classic and contemporary styles of mens' ties from brands including Armani, Eton, Hugo Boss and many more.