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Renowned as one of the world’s finest shirt makers and famous for its dedication to exceptional quality and careful craftsmanship, Eton specialises in shirting staples and is a global leader within the premium shirt market. Celebrated for revolutionising the shirting industry, the Swedish brand offers the best in design and manufacturing, focusing on luxury fabrics and a close attention to detail whilst creating its signature and sought after styles. 

Robinsons of Bawtry, our boutique located on the outskirts of Doncaster, is one of Eton’s preferred UK stockists, keeping an extensive range of over 100 shirt styles and accessories which are available to purchase in store today. Serving South Yorkshire and its surrounding areas as an official Eton stockist, we guarantee to offer the hottest collections and latest seasonal styles, with new items from Eton shirts and accessories being delivered to us almost every month. At Robinsons, we pride ourselves on being one of the best Eton Stockists in the UK and promise to create an enjoyable shopping experience and provide our customers with a great variety of choice. 

Whether you are shopping for work wear or for a work event, party, wedding or christening, we work very closely with Eton in order to provide you with the best range of shirts, ties and accessories for the occasion. Alongside a fantastic selection of non-seasonal classic styles, we are also authorised stockists of Eton’s Red Ribbon, Green Ribbon and Black Ribbon collections in collar sizes 15” slim – 20” classic (including every size in-between). 

In the unlikely event that we do not have a specific style that you are looking for, we are able to place a special order and have it available in store on either a next day or five working day service. 

Robinsons of Bawtry are official stockists of three off-the-peg fits, offering ready-to-wear ranges in Slim Fit, Contemporary Fit and Classic Fit items. For fine tailoring and a personal touch, Robinsons have collaborated with Eton to provide a made-to-measure service. Visit us in store for more information on our made to measure shirts; available in a range of quality fabrics and impeccable finishes from Eton’s stock book service. 

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Founded in 1928 in the small village of Ganghester, Sweden, Eton was launched by young couple David and Annie Pettersson. Both possessing a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship, the power couple went on to revolutionise the shirting industry and built their marque with a rich reputation and timeless touch. Today, the brand has grown to become a global gem, with Eton shirts and accessories now stocked in the most exclusive stores and boutiques across the world, including Yorkshire’s finest Eton Stockist and designer boutique, Robinsons of Bawtry. Remaining loyal to its heritage as a specialist shirt manufacturer, Eton is dedicated to providing the finest in fashion, manufacturing to suit its modern market but retaining its traditional tailoring values.




In the early years of their marriage, Annie Pettersson would sew dresses for relatives and neighbours from her kitchen at home. When the Depression hit in the 1920s, her husband David was forced to join the family’s saw mill and began joining Annie in her craft. Astoundingly, the fledgling business grew rapidly and together they soon launched ‘Syfabriken Special’, Swedish for ‘The Special Sewing Factory’, placing their primary attention into the creation of men’s shirts. As its name suggests, the company was considered “special” for the way in which it uniquely divided the production processes into different parts, opting to assign particular portions to several different seamstresses rather than having a single seamstress to sew all of a shirt’s pieces. 

The business continued to expand throughout the years; the effective and efficient labour specialisation not only saving time, but also improving the quality of finished garments, as a seamstress quickly became adept in her respective task. Rune, Arne, Sigge, Inge and Karin – David and Annie’s children – began to learn about the company from a young age and were each taught different parts of the production processes; all four brothers later progressed to play important roles within the company. 1938 saw ‘Syfabriken Special’ requiring a larger workspace due to its overwhelming popularity and eminent expansion, so the family-run company moved into a brand new facility (coincidentally the same building that David had lost during the Depression). The company soon controlled the whole building, with seamstresses working on the ground floor and a cutting team located on the top floor; with money remaining tight, the floors between acted as David and Annie’s home for several years.

With the end of the Second World War in 1945, a ban on premium textiles and fabrics was lifted and the Petterssons were once again able to focus on curating the finest materials for their shirts; this new emphasis on shirt construction became a governing priority and led to the rebranding of the company as ‘Skjortfabriken Special’, translated as ‘The Shirt Factory Special’. With all four sons now old enough to understand business, they joined the company, bringing with them a shift in strategy. Now focusing on direct relationships with retailers, the company began to emphasise its production of luxurious, high-end shirts in cotton poplin. With the ethos of quality centred at the core of the brand, the saying “never hand over a shirt before you are completely satisfied with it” came to permeate every aspect of Eton manufacturing, constantly driving the company to further refine its shirts.

1948 saw the four sons travel the world in search of new fabrics well-suited for fine shirts, which inevitably led them to England; a global leader in fine fabrics. It was on these travels that brothers Rune and Arne passed through the small British town of Eton, a name that carried a strong allure for the duo and one which they carried home to Sweden, bestowing it upon a new garment; “The Eton Shirt” is soon launched. The style became a popular phenomenon, with the company becaming so well known for the Eton Shirt that they decided to adopt ‘Eton’ as their new brand name. Demand was bursting at the seams and soon a larger location became imperative, with innovative technology setting the tone for many years of superior shirt production within the company. 1957 sadly saw the passing of David Pettersson at the age of 66, and whilst he never saw his business flourish internationally, the foundations of his work were to one day result in one of history’s most successful shirt companies. 

In 1963, an automated transport line was created, carrying pieces from each stage of development and in turn making the planning, storage and quality control of shirt production far more efficient and economical. This new innovation helped Eton Shirts to survive amidst growing competition whilst at the same time revolutionising the entire clothing industry. In 1968, Rune Davidson, son of Eton founders Annie and David, officially took over the company from his four siblings. In 1972, at the age of 78, Annie Pettersson sadly passed away; the company painfully grieving the loss of not only a loved colleague but also the force that first conceived its fine shirt making process back in 1928. To this day, Annie’s philosophy still permeates everything that Eton creates. After 20 years of heading the company as CEO, Rune lost a two-year battle with cancer in 1976 - his innovative ideas and willpower already having cemented the start of a new era for the company. 

In 1981, Eton blossoms through the acquisition of new shirting talent in the form of Jan Borghardt; a Dutch shirt expert and the company’s new designer. Borghardt began curating premium fabrics from Italian, French and Swiss mills, working the materials into timeless designs whilst adding signature collars that would soon become a signature of the Eton brand. Successfully reinforcing its reputation as a premium shirt maker, Borghardt states, “We needed to develop our own profile. We started creating our own fabrics by spinning threads in different colours. Even though these efforts were on a very small scale, it was an incredibly important step towards how Eton would later come to operate”. Come 1984, the company was building relationships with some of the most exclusive stores in the world, in locations where the brand’s craftsmanship and fine details were most appreciated. This same year saw the new marketing slogan, “No other shirt is sewn with greater care” becoming incorporated into the brand, effectively communicating David and Annie’s passion for immaculate shirt production and the fine manufacturing that goes into each Eton piece. 1986 saw Rune’s son, Hans Davidson, leave his family’s agricultural business and join Eton, with him being appointed CEO in 1989. Together with designer Jan, the duo would bring the company widespread international success. 

In 1991, Eton took ownership of its entire production from start to finish, meaning the company was able to effectively control all aspects of each shirt’s creation, thus ensuring a level of quality unmatched by competitors. A seemingly ordinary visit to a supplier of interlining led to the discovery of non-iron fabrics in 1992, with Eton denying the industry’s sceptical beliefs and announcing that non-iron technology would be the future of shirts. Together with spinners, weavers and a finishing facility in Switzerland, Eton worked tirelessly to create a superior fabric that not only kept its shape perfectly throughout the day, but that also has great lustre and strength. ‘Eton Etastar’ is released in 1993; the world’s first crease-resistant shirt made from 100% cotton. The shirt’s popularity was astounding, with over 600 being sold in just one week at Harrods. The garment soon became the high-end department store’s best-selling shirt, something that was echoed in stores cross the world. In 1994, A-list celebrities and Hollywood royalty such as Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio donned Eton shirts to The Oscars, raising the brand’s US profile dramatically and leading to a burst in demand; the shirts would now be stocked in top department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. 

1997 saw Eton implement a Stock Service book, which allowed for expedited delivery of both seasonal and classical designed shirts. This was an immediate success and came to represent a defining aspect of Eton’s relationship with retailers; one which we were honoured to acquire at Robinsons. In 2005, Eton began to travel the world in search of interesting locations to showcase their seasonal releases; spectacular marketing strategies showcasing mountain photo-shoots and creative campaigns. This same year Jan Borghardt’s son, Sebastian Dollinger, joined the company at the age of 17 and became increasingly involved with design work. He eventually followed in his father’s footsteps, progressing into the position of Head of Design, where he remains to this day; Sebastian’s creativity taking Eton’s casual Green and formal Black Ribbon collections from concept to reality. The Eton designer states: “I have lived with shirts my entire life. My dad always sat in the basement at home creating new fabrics and collections. I was fascinated by the small, subtle expressions and the importance of detail that forms the basis for men’s fashion, and shirts in particular”. 

In celebration of its 80th anniversary, 2008 saw Eton launch the world’s most expensive shirt. Manufactured from Sea Island fabric and adorned with diamond buttons, the exclusive shirt was produced as a solitary and one-of-a-kind piece. In 2013, this time celebrating its 85th year anniversary, Eton introduced the new premium DnA collection, titled by David and Annie Pettersson’s initials. This collection is crafted exclusively in Ganghester where the company’s story began, with pieces from the prime pool produced from the best-in-class materials, starting with extra-long staple cotton and ending with hand-carved mother of pearl buttons. Starting from a small nothing to becoming a big something, Eton continue to ensure that they adhere to the highest possible standards, developing by modern means but always maintaining that traditional tutelage.

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