Jacob Cohen

Robinsons of Bawtry are official Jacob Cohen Jeans stockists in Yorkshire.

In AW13, Robinsons of Bawtry became official stockists of Italian designer jean brand Jacob Cohen. Renowned for being one of the most sought after denim specialists in the world, the exclusively elite experts pride themselves on their high standards and high quality of pure production and local manufacturing. A mix of fine Japanese fabrics fused with the hand of Italian craft, the dear denims are made entirely with the love for luxury and carry a true sense of authenticity. 


Made in the Italian region of Veneto, rare materials such as ‘Kurabo denim’ are specially sourced and imported from Japan, before being transformed into a pair of trendsetting bottoms. The Italian fashion house does this by using environmentally friendly processes of production, eliminating the use of chemicals in the denim dying and washing techniques. A special procedure is used that is completely free of any synthetic properties and the materials are naturally washed with the very tough Greek pumice stone, leaving a combination of colourways, ranging from light to dark washes. This eco-friendly edge guarantees exemplary quality and a range of variety, with no two pairs ever being the same! 


Proved to be truly unique, Jacob Cohen offers ultimate individualism. Paying attention to the very smallest detail, the jeans are designed to become distressed with wear and mould to fit, with every patch, needlework and abrasion made to be matchless. The distinct denims also arrive with an exclusive tracking code disclosing which craftsmen performed which stage throughout the manufacturing processes. 

Jacob Cohen Stockists

What’s more, every detail is perfected and exquisitely presented. From the silver plated sculpted buttons, to the pony skin brand labels, the chain-stitched hem and the hand-written care instructions, Jacob Cohen ensures that you get what you pay for. Packaged in a carton box and enveloped in fine Havana paper, customers will also receive quirky additions such as a spool of thread- the same colour as the stitches- in a small cotton pouch, and their very own pumice stone.

This reinstates the genuineness of the label and the fact that it is a real representation of true tailored jeans that are made to be long lasting and decade-durable. And for those who love to be exceptionally unique, then head over to the limited editions! Available in only a small number, these desired denims are specially created with recognisable traits such as the use of select selvage fabric, hand finished with a silver coated logo engraved into the pony skin label. 


Tato Bardelle founded the brand in Pontelongo in 1985, but it wasn’t until his son Nicola Bardelle took over in 2003 that Jacob Cohen began to become recognised as a global gem! Removing all references to ‘work gear’, the new Bardelle ensured that his marque was now entirely associated with an immaculate and flawless fit and finish, stating,  “I have created the ideal jeans, the ones I have always wanted to wear- comfortable, elegant and suited even for those who have little or no familiarity with denim”. The true value and worth of the trendy and timeless Italian denim label was soon to be recognised and enormous success followed with distribution internationally expanding. Now available at Jacob Cohen Stockists Robinsons of Bawtry, our price range for Jacob Cohen jeans can vary between £295 and £650, depending on whether they are classics or limited editions. Visit us in store to see our latest range in stock!

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