Jeffery West


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Childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West founded their company in November 1987 in their hometown Northampton; the historical hub of leather industries and British shoemaking. Living in an area steeped in such tradition inspired them to imbue it into their creations, crafted to suit modern tastes as West states, “You’re buying that manufacturing history, but it’s with our handwriting, our twist, our slant on it”. The designer duo began contributing towards their footwear foundations very early on; Jeffery’s father ran the family owned shoe factory in the town, with Guy explaining, “Mark and I would buy rejects and ends of lines from his dad’s factory and other factories, offer them as they were or customise them to sell on”. This was the aspiring entrepreneurs’ first business project as two young sixteen year olds, where they attended various markets and sold on their products. From this, they quickly moved on to having their own designs produced, sourcing the leather through a friend who worked as a leather buyer in a local shoe factory and setting up a little workshop in a shed at the hotel run by West’s parents. After installing a clicking bench, the pair paid a man to hand cut all the patterns and to do all the clicking on the shoes. After stitching and finishing touches were made to the footwear, the ambitious twosome would package and sell them. 

Evidently, Jeffery and West’s significant prescience and energetic motivation pushed them to succeed. However, the sudden death of Jeffery’s father and subsequent loss of the factory ruled out the option of the young designer taking over the family firm. It therefore fuelled the two friends to drive their fledgling business to a whole new level in 1987, with the launch of the eponymous brand Jeffery West. The designers created a 12-piece sample range and approached prospective retailers, before approaching a potential bank manager who decided to give them a chance. Speaking of the investment, West has stated, “It was quite a gamble because at the time there was absolutely nobody in the industry as young as us”. Despite becoming pioneers of footwear fashion, the creative colleagues have always and still maintain a very close involvement with every stage of the production process, ensuring that traditional manufacturing values are entrenched into the makings of Jeffery West footwear. Though expensive, the premium pairs are built to last and are guaranteed to give the Gentleman’s attire a fresh and polished finish.

From humble beginnings, the modern brand has evolved into a popular phenomenon, with its cutting edge styles, overt elegance, lavish loudness, innovative imagination and the brand’s love for leathers and colours proving popular amongst those who love characteristic craftsmanship. Manufactured by Northampton factories with hundreds of years of experience, the subtly unusual and rebellious designs of Jeffery West are often tailored with a gothic touch. From the idiosyncratic handwriting to the diamond shaped punching and the arrowhead wingtips, the brand’s designs are flavoured with eccentricity and quirk, inspired by both Gothic and Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, something West explains by saying, “That’s always been a big influence on the design”. Rich, dark and dramatic colours of Gothic Revival interiors are also played out in the creations of Jeffery West shoes, with purple and burnt plums, gooseberry, black, aubergine, green, gold, apricot, and pewter hues strongly featuring across the footwear range. Additionally, all Jeffery West shoes and boots have born the signature style of a cleft heel since the release of its first collection, fusing respectability with rascality. Similarly, the red of the leather linings are also a prominent and distinct detail when it comes to features of the footwear, with fiery silks and suedes evoking pomp grandeur alongside a bold rebellious attitude and inspired by “an old pair of 1963 officer’s riding boots, dress Wellingtons, which just had the top band done in red”.

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