Norwegian lifestyle brand SWIMS has made its way to the shelves of Robinsons and we couldn’t be more excited! Stylish and suitable, the modern marque introduces the perfect shoe for summer, offering luxe lightweight loafers that are perfect for holiday hotspots and summer socialising! Well-ventilated and water-resistant, the practical and popular footwear is non-slip, fast drying, and maintains an air of savoir-faire. So whether you’re planning poolside partying, yachting, lunching or shopping, SWIMS are effectively designed to carry you across your day to night agenda. Founder of the Norwegian brand, Johan Ringdal, describes the fabulous footwear as “a product of my own experience, my appreciation of functional design, and my odd fascination with big city rain”.

SWIMS Stockists Yorkshire

Fashion statement SWIMS Shoes are renowned for being the modern day Galosh. Adopting its own take on the traditional rubber waterproof shoes, the leisure shoe brand uses cashmere rubber and polished inner lining. Embodying the essence of practicality, slip-on SWIMS are a great alternative to flip-flops, working equally well on land and off. Wear them in spring showers, dip them in the sea, take them surfing, sailing or don them dry. The sophisticated slip-ons come with two sets of inner soles, varying from a perforated innersole embedded into the bottom allowing water inside the shoe to drain out, to an innersole that is designed for warm weather conditions and can be used for daily dry activities. Ringdal explains, “Growing up with four distinct seasons in Norway, I never let go of the black rubber galoshes that my late grandfather passed on to me”. This inspired the designer to evolve the wet weather staples and find the stylish solution for shoes suitable for all seasons, leading to the reinvention of a classic.

The entrepreneur launched his brand in early 2006 after he graduated from Parson’s School of Design in New York. Aiming for a name that expressed a modern and playful character, Ringdal decided to call his new project SWIMS. They swam to success and are now distributed worldwide, proving especially popular in the US, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK. Made from upper compound cashmere rubber and synthetic fibres, the elasticised material of the popular shoes moulds and stretches to give a supportive and snug fit. High tech design features include breathable ventilation grills, water protection, a TPU outer shell, anti-slip resistance and a non-marking sole. So, for that gentleman who values top-quality leather shoes and appreciates creative craftsmanship, SWIMS are the perfect of duty shoe. Offering a range of different styles across a colourful chart, the SWIMS collection boasts an array of enticing colours, with fiery hues such as orange and fire, alongside tropical tones like lime, raspberry and Hawaii blue drawing in beach and summer lovers. 

These casual luxe loafers are the men’s summer must-have and are a classy choice for the social season soon approaching! Preppy, practical, and innovative, Ringdal has created one of the best functional fashion statements around.