Renowned as a global fashion phenomenon, the Versace brand makes its own rules with bold patterns, striking colours, and cutting-edge designs. Now well into our second season of stocking both men’s and ladies Versace pieces, Robinsons of Bawtry is one of the very few stockists of this prestigious marque across the Yorkshire region.

Founding the Versace brand in 1978, Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace centred his work on opulence, sexiness, and flamboyance. A driving force in style-trend-territory, Versace became known for glamorizing fashion and pushed forward the evolving era of celebrity designers and supermodels. He produced ensembles that oozed sensual, sexual, sophisticated, and sometimes outrageous undertones, such as the notorious fads of polyvinyl chloride baby-doll dresses, bondage gear and silver-mesh togas. Launching his first clothing line in Milan, Versace staged the seasonal show like a rock concert that was not to be missed!

Versace Stockists

From the paparazzi to the groupies, to the celebrity friends and the ‘supermodels’, Gianni Versace entered the fashion world and changed the face of fashion forever. Not only did the ‘supermodel’ dub stem from his decision to pay his models very high salaries and send them down the runway - including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington - but he is also credited with bringing a risqué twist that transformed the fashion industry into what it is today. Showcasing the women’s wear collection, labelled ‘Gianni Versace Donna’, brought enormous success and highlighted the Italian designer’s fresh innovative eye by mixing fashion with external creative elements such as art, celebrities, theatre, and rock’n’roll.

Versace began to create pieces for the biggest names in the media. Aside from Elton John and Madonna, who were very good friends of his, he also turned his artistic hand to film, theatre and ballet, and his costumes began to be featured worldwide. The years before his death saw Versace bring his first exhibition to the UK, where he was awarded the ‘Silver Mask Award’ for his amazing contribution to theatre. He then launched his first couture collection in 1989 in Paris, known as Atelier Versace. His success continued to grow and in 1992 he designed all the stage costumes for Elton John’s album cover and world tour, before being awarded the very first American fashion Oscar in New York in 1993.

As Giannia Versace moved into the peak of his career, Elizabeth Hurley caused hysteria when she wore the iconic safety-pin dress to the premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’. Sadly and suddenly, the heart-breaking news was soon revealed that shocked the world and left family, friends and fashionistas in mourning; on July 15th 1997, Versace was shot outside his Miami mansion and died instantly. This left Donatella Versace, Gianni’s younger sister, in line as creative director of the Italian fashion powerhouse.

Donatella Versace had previously assisted her brother by overseeing and directing the marketing campaigns that contributed to the visual and distinctively unique style associated with the Versace name. She also had experience in designing accessories and had gone on to create a children’s line in 1993 called ‘Young Versace’, so when she inherited and continued the $800 million brand under her new creative direction, she ensured that the labels reflected and honoured her brother’s extravagant personality and sassy spirit.

Today, Donatella is the director and vice president of the Versace brand, taking the company’s DNA and successfully developing it for the 21st century. Mixing her feminine flare and the modern-miss look with her brother’s love for smooth sexiness, the brand turns out rebellious styles that are stocked and available at Robinsons!

For the ladies, it is all about exclusivity and glamour, with original ornate garments radiating a sexy edge and sophisticated appeal. From bold brights to plush pinks and the brand’s signature belt print, Versace is the confident woman’s fashion-favourite! The Versace woman is effortlessly luxurious, adding a dash of city-chic and a distinct rock edge to creating the ultimate 21st century charm. For the men, it is all about impeccable tailoring and trend-setting designs, perfect for the gentlemen who aim to look sleek, sharp and striking at all times. The Versace man is disciplined but free, athletic but ideal. He wears clean-cut and neat silhouettes that shape the frame and create a confident persona.

Currently stocking the seasonal spring/summer pieces of Versace 2017Robinsons warmly invite you to look through the brand’s edgy collections! To complement the clothing, we also stock accessories, particularly from the Versus Versace collection, which was originally set up by Gianni to represent his rock’n’roll spirit. Donatella reintroduced this line in 2009, asking British designer Christopher Kane to work on its re-launch whilst retaining the original flavour of Versus, later claiming, “Christopher has shown that he has talent and his design sensibility is in tune with the original spirit of Versus, so he was the perfect choice”.

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